Welcome to the new wiki!

For reminiscence sake, I will leave the start page the same as how it was when we had our old wiki (because remembering how it all started from the start page is still fun to me). Also, accept a classic picture of ours!


I figured that since Wiki’s have been so handy in previous games cough cough, Alisha’s, cough That I’d do up a simple one for this campaign. Since I’m not shelling out cash for this thing though, no private spaces, so keep in mind anything you store in your page will be visible to any others who care to look. For now I’ve set up a page for everyone; however, because of the fact we haven’t started yet making names somewhat useless, and because I enjoy being generally obtuse, here are the links!

The old links in translation do not work yet. Those that don’t work, I just unlinked them until the characters are all added. If there is a link for a character, it works.


VD Info Page! We now have one for all the player’s needs. Please take the time to go through it to know the basics and fully utilizing the program.

You may start adding stuff to your pages if you like, however keep in mind that everyone can see them. How you use your space is up to you.

Tale of Tales

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