Tale of Tales

Session 5-30-2015

Last time on Tale of Tales! With the Pellan force attacked on three sides their momentum swiftly crumbled Routed, they retreated back into the treeline leaving their dead behind The group, exausted from their fight across the battlefield took a moment to rest However, that moment did not last long Tolan sought them out for an emergency discussion about what to do next given recent information Back at the pavillion, the group found themselves with new company Along with Tolan and Seargent Ironscale, two other people had returned with Tolan One, an older man with an air of command about him even while he sat idly smoking a pipe The other, clad in crimson armor was none other than Deliah Kaslin With that the conversation came underway The detachment of the Pellan force which attacked that night was not alone Not far behind, a much larger force was marching… along with their Dracolin advisor Their goal: the orb, which contains the essence and power of all the missing dragons They are not alone in their endevor either it seems Both other neighboring kingdoms have sent armies after the same goal and it will not be long before all three arive and begin their bloody work to reclaim it Knowing that they don’t stand a chance against one army, let alone three, Tolan asks for advice on what to do Val, thinking about the situation, suggests that they move up the mountain With the bandit’s knowledge of the area and the singular point of easy ascent it would be a perfect natural fortress After arguements from several people, Tolan agreed and decided to start the move in the morning to give those who had just fought the night to rest and revel With those conversations out of the way, the older man finally had time to introduce himself As Alseren, father of Boji and once king of Caeel How has Alseren ended up here? Can the bandit village hold off the coming storm? Find out! On Tale of Tales!

400001 XP
2 Fame

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