Calen Delmon

Unwanted Nobles Son


Calen as he first appeared with the party Calen as he appears with the party after his "shopping" with Kira

Calen as he first appeared with the party (left) and after his “shopping” with Kira (right)

Age 23, Half Elf
5’8" Brown hair, vibrant green eyes
Usually fights with and carries several daggers, some of them visible.
Has also used a pistol at times.
Speaks Common, Elven and Dwarven


The son of a human (minor nobleman) Faren Delmon and a elven woman Kasty Skysinger, Calen grew up into his early teens with the human family as the acknowledged, but unwanted, son of an unwanted marriage. He learned court manners, swordplay and all other things that a young, genteel member of high Tel-Thaileian society should.

For the last ten years Calen has wandered the poorer districts of Tel-Thaile, earning his way with whatever odd jobs he can find, no matter which side of the law they are on. He has frequently mentioned the scavenger gang that he used to work with.

Calen Delmon

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