Rebuilding Vengeance Seeker


Level: 16
Height: 5’6"


  • 00 Karma Tokens
  • 00 Fame Tokens
  • 00 Wealth Tokens

  • 00 Total

  • 04 Personal Token
  • 00 Alchemical Tokens


Powerful Clash
As a striker, dealt considerable damage to a single target.
Level 13: 192 Damage in one turn.


What the group knows

Standing at 5’6" and living in the city, the character is tough. Equipped with a wide versatility of weapons including a ninja-to, kusari-gama, shurikens, and more, she is more than capable in handling almost any situation at any given time.

  • So far among the group, Delrid and Dante found Kira in the James’ General Goods store.
  • It was revealed that Kira has a stitched scar on her neck which seems to explain why she won’t speak.
    • Calen apologized for the issue Kira had.
  • It was also revealed that her name is Parker, but Val decided to knock that down as being a lie.
  • It was described that she is also called The Lotus Moon.
  • The group came across Kira at Val’s shop in the morning as a “noob adventurer” and had a notepad and writing tool. It was revealed then that she wished to be called “Quinn” at that point, but Val was a little ticked at the change and the disguises including calling Kira a “copycat.”
  • It was later revealed that Val’s name is Kira, to which Kira just face-palmed and walked away from the situation. The difference is that Kira is prounced with the r rolled and almost sounding like an l.
  • Kira has changed her looks real well among the group.
    • She has appeared in the looks as Parker (shown on the right) almost older looking while wearing a cloak to cover her attire. She has also presented herself as just a normal housewife look when visiting the museum.
      • She seems to put herself as a wife when with Tora. This was also put down by Val, but reasons was not given as to why the act.
    • She has shown up as Quinn in the looks of a mid teens “noob” adventurer.
      • Kira has given Calen a deadly glare after he asked her “Kira?” while dressed as Quinn after introduction.
    • When asked about the things she could change into, Kira at one point decided to bring out an eye-patch.
  • At one point, Kira defended Val and Shieldwing from Tora when he was about to shoot them. Tora then apologized mainly for nearly “forgetting” the rules.
  • She is a capable field medic when needed. Also shows her hand as a poison expert.
  • Kira seems always serious. However, at one point, she did seem to chuckle when Tora failed the disguise and being called out on it by a female no less.
  • Kira also seems patient and calm regardless of the situation.
    • The calm part came less apparently however when she seemed to want to know something about a pistol.
    • She did prove to be calm enough in a situation to fix up a kid she accidentally shot with her arrow. Also through this, she showed she had some basic medical skills.
    • Dante agitated her once which showed her more aggressive side.
  • Calen has learned at some point more information about Kira.
  • Kira gained a voice method thanks to Val.
    • Seems to get at most 10 words of speech and has to rewind after every use which takes several seconds to wind.


Ninja Geared

In this outfit, she is all black from head to toe. If a person comes close enough, you will just barely see her eyes and a bit of her face under that entire head cloak and mask. She seems to have the blue eyes going under bright light. She has leather shoulder pads and a utility belt on her waist. She also has a utility belt around her leg. The outfit also has waist pads that extend down the side of her clothing’s leg area and fully flexible. There seems to be some metal-like guards on her shins, a bulge on the knees and the feet seem to be like cloth material despite having an interesting tread on the bottom that looks like it grips anything. Her Kusari-gama is closely wrapped around her hips where she can quickly unhook it from the belt and use it at a moments notice. She also has a shortbow on her back that has a quiver next to her that seems to only loosen up the arrows by way of a certain pull. A sword the length of that of a short sword is housed on her back as well. Shurikens seem like it can come out of her utility belts and daggers also between her hip utility belt and her forearms. Her belt has a slot where it seems to be filled with lotus petals.

On her right chest area, there is a symbol of a moon with an all black humanoid figure. On her left arm, there seems to be a symbol that is similar to that of Japanese writing.

The outfit without looking at her face, doesn’t seem to indicate her being a female which enemies will mistaken her as a male. It has not been brought up as to why this look is the way it is.

Ninja Geared Variation

There was a small variation revealed as Parker where she wears a cloak overlay that seems to cover enough to never reveal the pads and weapons while also having a sleeves overlay as to not show the metal forearm guards.

“Parker” House Wife

The Parker look (as shown on the right) has more of a commoner’s appearance. She wears what seems to be more like a waist pocket that matches the working commoner’s appearance. She seems rather limited on weaponry as she fired 6 shurikens, took out a dagger and fought the entire battle with that dagger. However, she revealed she has some martial techniques and can still perform them despite the slight limitations of the outfit obviously not made for battle.

“Quinn” Noob Adventurer

The group decided to meet up at Val’s place. Since it seemed apparent that they’d need to look during the day for some of the ruby’s for the special pearls, Kira was the only one coming in with a different look.

Being preferred to be called “Quinn” on her first arrival, she sports the look of a typical adventurer that isn’t experienced at all in what she will be going into. She seems to wear a grey outfit with leather body armor and shoulder pads appearing over the shirt, but clipped on as opposed to the stretch-like or tying type leather. She has what seems to be normal grey pants and boots that look more fashionable than protective, but doesn’t seem to deter Kira in the least. Her bow and quiver is on her back that seem similar to her Ninja Geared attire along with a dagger belt, a scabbard on the side for her sword, and a side bag that seems to house shurikens. Her backpack contains many things including an eye-patch and makeup that doesn’t seem to be conventional type. She does have a belt that has a few slots less than her Ninja geared outfit, but its unknown what is in them.

This is a closeup of the symbol on her belt.

Known characters among the group


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