The one that made bodies disappear


Book version(s) found?: Yes

First met in the future ruined Tel-Thaile. Re-met in the present Tel-Thaile.


Owen is first met as a person that made bodies disappear. In the future version of ruined Tel-Thaile, Owen helps the group go back to the surface by leading them through the passages. It was last seen that he and Kira’s Shadow were fighting off the Visitors to let the group escape. It was unknown as to what happened with Owen at the time.

When the group found Owen in the present, he seemed to look dead, but Kira foiled the plan. He reveals himself in talk that he is a vampire and is surprised that no one knew he was there or a vampire. When Dante wonders how its possible for someone to not be a vampire (recalling that he didn’t see Owen as one in the future), Kira points out that Owen always has been one, but she never needed to tell the group.


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