Tag: Human


  • Sakura

    In Future Tel-Thaile, Sakura was pretty upset with [[:ninkira | Kira]] for "abandoning" everyone else. In fact, she punched Kira. Though in that short time, they seemed to be working well enough together. She and [[:karasu | Karasu]] were trying to …

  • Karasu

    Karasu met up with the group in "Future Tel-Thaile" and initially, was happy with Kira, but also upset. She seemed to cope quickly and happy she was back. Karasu and [[:sakura | Sakura]] were trying to kill Dante in "Future Tel-Thaile" for some reason …

  • Mira

    A human female in the James' General Goods. Doesn't seem to be like the others there.

  • Prince Boji

    Last seen that Prince Boji became the one in-charge of the kingdom after the group helped defend the town from an invasion in addition to usurping a thrown.