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    h2. Welcome to the new wiki! For reminiscence sake, I will leave the start page the same as how it was when we had our old wiki (because remembering how it all started from the start page is still fun to me). Also, accept a classic picture of ours! …

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    p={font-size:0.9em}. _Just Follow the guide to fill yours in. To assist, I put in last known references which may be off. Mine was guestimated as 1 level off from the looks of it._ table{border:1px solid black}. {background: #c0c0c0}. |_. Name |_. …

  • Kayn Andrien

    Val's sister and mother of four, voted best baker by the group. Kids are Jack (6), Jace and Jena (twins, 4) and Jule (2, pronounced like Julie). The kids were found in the future. Kayne was found in the distant past.