Dueling is an activity that is sanctioned within the city of Tel-Thaile. In order to instigate a duel, one may challenge by any means one likes. Once the challenge is accepted a guard must be fetched to act as arbitrator and judge of the duel. The stakes of the duel may be whatever both parties agree to, and the result of the duel will be considered binding.

There are three kinds of duels that may be participated in.

To Blood

The name of this kind of dueling is misleading, as blood may be shed before the fight itself is called. However this kind of fight is called when either participant is noticeably injured. Any member of the guard may preside over this level of match.

To Finish

This kind of match goes until either party is unable to continue to fight. Finishing off of your opponent is not allowed and doing such leads to the participant who commits the deed being brought to trial to ascertain what punishment is appropriate. Patrol leaders are required to preside over this level of match.

To Death

These matches are rare, and are exactly as the name implies, fought to the death of one or the other participant. Only officers of the guard may preside over this level of match and paperwork must be signed by both parties with a witness each.

Unsanctioned Dueling

Despite these fairly open rules, there are still some who participate in dueling with no guard present. Doing so is a crime in Tel-Thaile which the guard does not punish lightly should any participants be caught.


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