Tel-Thaile Glossary

General Glossary Of Terms


Scavengers are the people who find older (usually) disused pieces of machinery and strip them of parts to sell as scrap. Mostly street urchins, though a few professionals exist. This practice is highly frowned upon by the guard, with getting caught tending to range in punishment from working the farms to the loss of a hand. however many shopping for bargains in Tel-Thaile’s marketplaces will have a hard time not occasionally purchasing their handiwork now and again.

S.E.R.H.A. (Simple Energy Recirculating Home Automaton)

Small golems fueled by magic nodes in the city. Capable of basic communication and task following behavior based on text written within it’s knowledge core. Less expensive models are a simple sphere tethered to their boxlike core, while more advanced models can be crafted into any shape the artisan desires. Very advanced models can even be given instructions that approximate personality, though the necessary knowledge cores for doing so with anything close to realism ends up being larger than most facilities can support realistically.

A.I.A.S. (Advanced Intelligent Automated Servant)

Extremely advanced SERHA golems. Prohibitively expensive and frequently housed in works of art. Only a handful exist in the city.

The Rim

A ring of tall, sturdily built buildings that surround Tel-Thaile and act as a wind break for the rest of the city. It has a strange dichotomy of having some areas very desired for their view, while the majority is considered sub-optimal housing due to the high winds.

The Undercity

The level of the city below the flat top of the mountain. This is where the majority of Tel-Thaile’s agriculture and water collection comes from, as well as where the pipes are ran under the city. Very little residential exists in the undercity, primarily reserved for those who’s jobs rely on close proximity with their work.

Tel-Thaile Glossary

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