Tel-Thaile Knowledge

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Tel-Thaile – Sometimes called “The Floating City” due to it’s position upon a large plateau located high above the ground, is a city of power and progress. Due to the distance from the earth surrounding the mountain, and between mist, fog, and storms the ground is rarely visible from the city itself, causing many an artist to have spoken of Tel-Thaile’s “Sea of Clouds”

Access to the city is limited to one large road rising up through the clouds. While this would be unfeasible for sustaining most large urban environments, the population of Tel-Thaile prides itself upon it’s self sufficiency. Large agricultural areas exist around the perimeter, below the city itself as to take advantage of the weather patterns. Around these areas exist a huge variety of methods for the cultivation of the same to see to the water needs of the entire city. Pumps send the water up giving most of the city access to running water in assorted locations throughout.

More importantly however, is the fact that the entire city, from the center of the Council Hall to the edges of the poorer residential housing areas has access to a powerful, and easy to use, source of magical energy. While most do not posses the capability to use this power directly, it’s existence has attracted arcane inventors the world over to run experiments and create machines that are capable of taking advantage of the unique properties presented by the city. A somewhat common, if not strongly followed belief states that the blood of an ancient dragon pulses through the mountain itself. In evidence of this are the narrow blue channels that run over the entire plateau, emanating such light that Tel-Thaile itself has never seen anything darker than a rough twilight, even on the blackest of nights. Of course, the invention of the light channels can be traced back to the works of the inventor Shigg Tavo with relative ease, but myth being frequently more fun to retell keeps the legend itself alive.

A recent trend has come in with discoveries from other lands. Energy sources other than that inherent to the mountain itself have taken on an interest which has spurred new research within the last couple years. This turn has allowed a small number of individuals with no talent for working the latent energies themselves some small share of achievement in these fields, though newness and cost to reach equivalent gains when compared to the last hundred years in arcane science has stuck much of the new science in the niche of novelty.

Tel-Thaile Knowledge

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