Tharak StormBlade

The Minotaur


Age 25, Minotaur
7’4" Brown/redish hair
Wears Scalemail armor (slightly spiky) and wields a large Falchion
Speaks Common, and Draconic

Former Token count

  • 15 personal tokens
  • 11 fame tokens
  • 5 karma tokens
  • 1 wealth token

A brilliant strategist and fierce warrior, he lead a squad of warriors in the constant warring between the desert clans. Since he was an infant his life has been dedicated to warfare, and he was good at it. Throughout his training everything had always come easily for him, because of that, he was incredibly arrogant. Despite this fact, he was well respected in his tribe. When a special mission called for a volunteer to venture out in search of the 7 wise men, he was the first to answer the call. This was because he wanted to find a real challenge, something he boasted was impossible here. It wasn’t until the journey began that he found out he would have to babysit a weakling human prince. He was furious, but it was too late to go back on his word.

He seemed to disintigrate into sand as the group traveled from the story of The Prince and The Sand to the story of Tel-Thaile in Ruins in the future.

When arrived in the “present” time, Tharak was found once more, but surprisingly was a human child that belongs to a woman who seems to know how the book works.

Tharak StormBlade

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