Here I will be listing any deviations from the normal rules I will be making. These will be added as I think of/remember them, or after it comes up in game.

No Raise Dead Ritual

I’ve never really liked this ritual, especially considering how affordable it is in 4e. There may or may not be methods to getting a character back should they bite the big one, but it’s not going to be available at your local Scrolls R’ Us.

No Encumbrance (However!)

This one is in so many games, it’s hardly surprising I’d opt for it as well. However, reason shall be applied. For any objects your character possesses on their person, I want you to know where they are keeping it/how they are carrying it. If it sounds ludicrous, than it probably is and it won’t work without some clever ideas. On that note…

No Party Loot Hammerspace

There will be no nebulous “Party Loot Area” that everyone can pull things from. At very least I want to have available who is keeping hold of it and, should it be called into question, how.

Logical Bonuses

These shouldn’t really need to be pointed out, but I wanted to put something on here that didn’t start with the word ‘No’ so I don’t sound like some sort of rule Nazi. If your character has experience with a thing, I will give you a bonus to things involving that thing. If you want to leverage said knowledge, please let me know before you make the check.

Adjusted Minion Mechanic

I may rescind this one if it gets too difficult, but minions will function slightly differently. Instead of dying to any successful damage, they will die to Level+3 damage. Should an attack fail to reach that threshold, the minion will be bloodied and past that point any additional damage will kill the minion.

As a slight boon, miss effects will be unable to kill a minion, but any miss damage applied to a non bloodied minion will bloody it.


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