Quotes (part 1)

Tel Thaile Quotes

“Oh, hi there. This might sound like a shitty pick-up line, but you’re the woman from my dreams”
- Garret upon first seeing Val

“And you were there, and you, and you…”
“You weren’t there, or you, or you…”
-Shieldwing has dreams ([[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ButYouWereThereAndYouAndYou|hehe]])

Dante: I would go if I were you. Knowing too much could be a burden.
Delrid: sarcastically reeeally?
- Just after Delrid was held at crossbow point in a darkened room

“I can’t just whip up an anaesthetic like that.” -Lucas
“I can, it’s called a hammer to the face.” -Will has methods.

Shiledwing: No! Come back Billy!
Delrid: …Billy?
Shieldwing: What? It looks like a Billy.
— Two sessions in and someone’s already trying to adopt a giant spider.

Val: If he shot the arrow that’s it, he’s booted from Team Pearl Hunters.
Delrid: …Team Pearl Hunters? Really?
Val: Well sure, it sounds better than Team We-Don’t-Know-What-We’re-Doing-But-It-Involves-Dreams-About-Dragons.
—I happen to like Team WDKWWDBIIDAD :P

Val rolls her eyes.
Val: Guys, that isn’t how you wake him up.
DM:oh god
Calen: Oh no.
Val stalks over to Shieldwing with a wrench.
Kira(OOC) says: oh no.
— To be fair, it ended up working

Shieldwing: I feel…funny
Shieldwing: Maybe something I ate
Calen: Like two pies?
Shieldwing: Those pies were delicious
Calen: Yeah, pity no one else will find that out.

“I push him back two squares again.” -Will
“Is this going to turn into a shoving match?” -DM
“Well he started it! …Actually, I guess I started it. When I pushed him into the wall.” -Will discovers there are consequences for slamming people’s heads into walls.

“I’m not sure Richard understood the concept of ‘tactical battling’. He just ran in and hit it with a sword until it stopped moving.” -Alisha
“And it worked!” -Adam is proud of his character’s lack of tactics

“Fire is a lot harder to put someone back together from.” -Alisha
“Clearly, you are not using enough fire.” -Lucas

Val: Hey, you guys keep following me around.
Shieldwing: I believe I was kidnapped for manual labor
-Party cohesion is a funny thing…

[OOC] Shieldwing says, “I’m a dragon”
[OOC] Kira says, “You’re not very convincing.”
[OOC] Shieldwing says, “you don’t pay me very well to be convincing”

Val: If Kayn was in a baking mood yesterday, we will have pie.
Val: If not, we will not have pie.
Val: That is how pie works.
-Val understands the Tao of Pie

Shieldwing: So what exactly are we supposed to do in the meantime?
Val: Sit and wait for pie.
Calen: Eat pie?
Garret: Lunch?
Shieldwing: You said there was no pie!!!
Shieldwing: you lied to me!
Shieldwing: And you claim to not be a villain.
-Shieldwing is upset by deception

Alisha: Fifty feet for an improvised throwing weapon, plus the thirty-five feet I can fly—
DM: An improvised throwing weapon is usually something like a BOTTLE. You weigh considerably more than a bottle.

Will: She’d probably fall on me.
Alisha: That’s still bad, you’re pointy.
Will: I thought I was huggable!
Alisha: Huggable and pointy are not mutually exclusive.

Alisha: Well then, someone can point out that it’s not straight back down, because we’re being attacked by giant ninja flying monkeys or something.
DM: No, I’m not going to distract you right now with giant ninja flying monkeys.
Will: If we run into giant ninja flying monkeys, I’m so adopting one.

DM: You win the prize!
Will: What’s the prize?
DM: Being wrong!
Will: That’s not a very good prize.
DM: Well, you should’ve seen the runner-up prize.
Will: What, death?
DM: A new car!
Will: …Aw man, I was hoping for death.

Will: How bad would it be if I turned Todd into a casualty?
DM: …Really bad for Todd!?!
Will: Would that make me an evil person?

Will: Are you trying to insinuate that Shieldwing is a bad influence on Val?
Alisha: No, I’m saying it outright.

Will: Am I the only one not hiding in a mech?
Alisha: You’re wearing full plate! How are you not a mech?
Will: I don’t have robotic parts.
Lucas: …yet.
-Lucas has plans…

Lucas: Would you like me to throw you?
Will: No! Get away from me!
Lucas: I think that means I should throw him.

it’s not that bad. Well, it’s horrifying, but it isn’t terrible. Well, it is. -Lucas fails at sugarcoating

Quotes (part 1)

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